Refund and Returns Policy

When will the product I purchased be shipped?

All the products we sell are delivered to the cargo within 2 working days at the latest, unless otherwise stated in the product details.
Delivery times vary according to the destination and cargo company, but it may take 4-7 working days for Europe and 7-8 working days for America.

What should I pay attention to during the delivery of my order?

As Royalfad, the products we sell are subject to damage control many times, from the supplier companies to the packaging stage. It is not possible for any product to be sent from our company as damaged. However, due to their nature, sensitive products (fragile materials, etc.) can be damaged due to falling or similar accidents during transportation or incorrect cargo loading. In this situation;
When your order is delivered to you by the courier, you must inspect the outer package for damage before receiving it and have a “Damage Determination Report” prepared in case of any damage. An important point that you should pay attention to regarding the damage assessment report is the statements made by the cargo officers in the report.
For example, “There is no damage to the parcel. A report such as “The product is damaged.” will be interpreted as the product was not damaged during transportation, thus creating a problem during replacement.
For your damaged product, warn the officer in order to keep a report with full and correct words.
For example: When the product arrived, it was checked and found to be damaged.
After the product is received, do not forget that you have accepted that the cargo company has fully fulfilled its duty.
In case of damage that you notice after receiving your order, you must immediately inform your cargo branch and request assistance in preparing the damage report. If you cannot get the necessary assistance from the cargo branch, please inform us. Our Customer Service Department will give you the support you need. As soon as we receive the damaged product information, your exchange will be completed quickly and you will be informed.
When returning the damaged product, please send the damaged product to us with the courier company that delivered it to you. For example ; For a damaged product that reaches you with Sürat Cargo, you should send it back with Sürat Cargo. Otherwise, there is a problem during the cargo compensation of the product.
How can I cancel my order?

Before canceling your order, you should log in to our website and check the status of your order in the “My Account / My Order Transactions” section on your home page. If your order is not in the “Order is Prepared” or “Shipped” status, your reason for canceling your request is via the Contact Form. You can send it together with us.
Our Customer Service Department will process the required cancellation and refund, if any, as soon as possible.
I sent the Return/Exchange product. Did you receive delivery?

When the product you have sent for the return process reaches our address, we send information that it has reached your registered e-mail address.
How many days is the return period?
You can return the product of your order within 14 days from the day you receive your order. In the case of returns due to any defect in the product, your return period is 30 days. The products you want to return must be unused, the package must not be damaged, and they must be in the category of returnable products.

Return Address:
Kornbergstr. 6
22041 Hamburg