Our Royalfad e-commerce site is 22 years old Hakan Ticaret. Our company has been operating since 1988. Our company has a business partnership with SIEWELT HAMBURG Company in Germany.

He started his activities as Altınbaşak Lace Yarn regional dealer and then continued as a Wholesaler of Haberdashery, Writing and Cosmetics. It has operated as a warehouse distributor of cosmetics companies such as Hunca, Aromel, Sutaş, Akat and Kopaş as a cosmetics warehouse for a period.

We have been continuing our activities as a factory sales dealer mainly for underwear and pajamas for the last 15 years. By preparing a product digital catalog for our customers and members, we fit hundreds of product types into the catalog. We distribute catalogs free of charge and we protect our customers from high inventory costs by selling with catalogs.

Our main brands; Kom, Backspade, Berrak, Şahinler, LeJardin, Elite Life, Y-London, Parigi, Nightflight in laundry; Bulteks and Nuteks in towel; Daymod, Vog, Müjde, Aytuğ, Style in socks; In cosmetics, there are lm, kirmizigul brands and you can find these products in catalogs.

You can order wholesale underwear through our site. With the E-Bulletin, you can constantly follow up-to-date products. You can visit our website to access the free laundry catalogue. We have a variety of boxers and bras. Thanks to various categories, you can easily reach the product you want.

Wholesale underwear orders are taken. You can contact us through our website.

You can pay for your purchases by money order and credit card.

A unique opportunity for those who want to do additional work. Additional income opportunity for women by selling with catalog.

There is no minimum purchase limit for small tradesmen and additional income, and it is very advantageous as no additional fees are required.

We wish everyone a lot of profit and good luck.